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Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos


Why Choose Us?

Pic Video Studio Inc. has over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry.
Delivering you the highest quality in wedding videos and wedding photography.

Wedding Photos
Engagement Photos
Lora and Faris4
Lora and Faris15
Lora and Faris14
Lora and Faris13
Lora and Faris11
Lora and Faris9
Lora and Faris7
Lora and Faris3
J&B Engagement Photos-242
J&B Engagement Photos-240
J&B Engagement Photos-201
J&B Engagement Photos-160
J&B Engagement Photos-85
J&B Engagement Photos-93
J&B Engagement Photos-104
J&B Engagement Photos-253
Issac and Rana-Engagement-8
Issac and Rana-Engagement-14
Issac and Rana-Engagement-6
Issac and Rana-Engagement-1
Issac and Rana-Engagement-2
Hillary and Hagop Engagement shoot8
Hillary and Hagop Engagement shoot5
Hillary and Hagop Engagement shoot1
Hiilary and Hagop2
Hillary and Hagop Engagement shoot10
Hillary and Hagop Engagement shoot
Price List

*10 hours of video coverage for the main operator and 8 hours for the second operator ($200 for each additional hour).

**8 hours of photo coverage for the main photographer and 8 hours for the second photographer ($200 for each additional hour).

***Drone flight, limited to safe fly zones only.

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